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图片 1(Bang Pa-In Palace)

The E-pang Palace
Problem Description
E-pang Palace was built in Qin dynasty by Emperor Qin Shihuang in Xianyang, Shanxi Province. It was the largest palace ever built by human. It was so large and so magnificent that after many years of construction, it still was not completed. Building the great wall, E-pang Palace and Qin Shihuang's tomb cost so much labor and human lives that people rose to fight against Qin Shihuang's regime.

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图片 2(Bang Pa-In Palace)

Xiang Yu and Liu Bang were two rebel leaders at that time. Liu Bang captured Xianyang -- the capital of Qin. Xiang Yu was very angry about this, and he commanded his army to march to Xianyang. Xiang Yu was the bravest and the strongest warrior at that time, and his army was much more than Liu Bang's. So Liu Bang was frighten and retreated from Xianyang, leaving all treasures in the grand E-pang Palace untouched. When Xiang Yu took Xianyang, he burned E-pang Palce. The fire lasted for more than three months, renouncing the end of Qin dynasty.

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图片 3(Wat Phra Si Sanphet)

Several years later, Liu Bang defeated Xiangyu and became the first emperor of Han dynasty. He went back to E-pang Palace but saw only some pillars left. Zhang Liang and Xiao He were Liu Bang's two most important ministers, so Liu Bang wanted to give them some awards. Liu Bang told them: "You guys can make two rectangular fences in E-pang Palace, then the land inside the fences will belongs to you. But the corners of the rectangles must be the pillars left on the ground, and two fences can't cross or touch each other."

吃饭:3月22日 CNY 413月23日 THB 4103月24日 THB 3303月25日 THB 4703月26日 THB 13003月27日 THB 6053月28日 THB 5453月29日 THB 1263月30日 THB 1903月31日 THB 3104月1日 THB 3804月2日 THB 120 + MOP 354月3日 CNY 45

To simplify the problem, E-pang Palace can be consider as a plane, and pillars can be considered as points on the plane. The fences you make are rectangles, and you MUST make two rectangles. Please note that the rectangles you make must be parallel to the coordinate axes.

门票:大皇城 THB 250 X 2人=500卧古寺 THB 50 X 2人=100Khao Sok THB 200 X 2人=400Bang Pa-in Palace THB 100 X 2人=200 (那么些小编回想中是100每人,可记帐记的是100,搞不清楚了)Ayutthaya THB 30*3处*2人=180 (Ayutthaya每一个古迹门票都以30,大家进入了多少个,还会有三个是国家博物馆)清迈 THB 30*2 人=60 (清迈独有Doi Suthep上边拾分佛殿收门票)

The figures below shows 3 situations which are not qualified(Thick dots stands for pillars):

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图片 4


Zhang Liang and Xiao He wanted the total area of their land in E-pang Palace to be maximum. Please bring your computer and go back to Han dynasty to help them so that you may change the history.


There are no more than 15 test case.

For each test case:

The first line is an integer N, meaning that there are N pillars left in E-pang Palace(4 <=N <= 30).

Then N lines follow. Each line contains two integers x and y (0 <= x,y <= 200), indicating a pillar's coordinate. No two pillars has the same coordinate.

The input ends by N = 0.

For each test case, print the maximum total area of land Zhang Liang and Xiao He could get. If it was impossible for them to build two qualified fences, print "imp".

Sample Input
0 0
1 0
0 1
1 1
0 2
1 2
0 3
1 3
0 0
2 0
0 2
2 2
1 2
3 2
1 3
3 3

Sample Output